Technology’s influence on business in 2017

At work I maintain the company’s blog. I’m very fortunate to work for an employer that gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the same platform as the experts in the field.

You can read the full post here, but for now here’s an extract.

The economic forecast for 2017 is not looking great according to the majority of economists surveyed by the Financial Times.

Howard Archer, Chief European and UK economist, predicts GDP growth to slow to 1.3% in 2017. He also highlights that “businesses will probably be cautious over investment and employment” due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the UK’s future relationships with the EU. Archer does offer a positive from Brexit, with the pound weaker the UK’s export market should do better.

Tim Besley, London School of Economics, estimates modest slowing on the assumption there will be no significant shocks from outside the UK. He does, however, note that the outlooks for China and the US are uncertain.

Technology enablement will be necessary if the economy predictions are accurate then consumers and businesses are less likely to invest in your business; you will need to optimise your use of technology to market yourself and persuade people to use your services.

With Nintendo 3DS, augmented reality (AR) became more accessible; it was, however, the release of Pokémon Go that brought AR to the mainstream. Caspar Thykier, Chief Executive of Zappar, suggests that content creation tools are improving rapidly so much so that you can use them without the need of expert levels of coding. Depending on your business this could make you stand out from the competition as being fun, innovative and technologically advanced.



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